Jan Van Wyk - Bible Prophecy for the Last Days

Recorded live at the Ark Chesterfield this 6 disc set with over 7 hours of teaching from the PWMI representative from South Africa offers a very refreshing look at Bible Prophecy.  The set includes teaching on Dan 2, Dan 7, The Rapture, The 4 Horsemen, Armageddon, The New Heaven & Earth, The New Jerusalem and a teaching on Things not to be Neglected.  High visual content messages, encouraging and uplifting, suitable for individual or groups.

DVD 6 disc set £30,00 includes VAT

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Constant Combat - Don Stanton  A powerful message from Don reflecting on his experiences of spiritual warfare and kingdom strategy, all based on scripture and everything that we need to know to be effective in our walk as a Christian.  Know who you are in Christ, Know who He is, Know your enemy, Know how to protect yourself and be prepared for the battle! 6 Disc set

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DVD £30.00 inclusive of VAT

Chesterfield Bible Prophecy Convention 2008 Don Stanton 3 Disk Set Three tremendous messages from our Australian Brother Don on his 2008 visit to the UK, all filmed live at our conference, these being the Sunday morning, Monday night and Tuesday night meetings.  1. THE MASTER IS COMING  2. THE BATTLE FOR JERUSALEM 3. THE RUSSIA GEORGIA CONFLICT AND THE COMING WORLD WAR.  Don gives his usual informative and detailed content on these subjects and his use of PowerPoint presentations makes them very visual ones too.  The slides Of his PowerPoint presentations are included on DVD and Video only.  

Chesterfield Bible Prophecy Convention 2008 Don Stanton 2 Disk Set Two more tremendous messages from  Don on his 2008 visit filmed live at our conference on the Monday and Tuesday afternoon sessions. . THE MYSTERY OF INIQUITY & The Reign of the Beast.  Covering the Tribulation period & the antichrist.  2. THE NAME OF THE LORD & MESSIAH Don gives a detailed scriptural account of why we should no the name, the meanings of the name and it’s importance.  PowerPoint slides included in both of these messages on DVD & Video only.

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